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Our mission

Based on Cooperation and Innovation, we work for Customers 、 Employees and Shareholder.

Our Vision

Leading intelligent terminal products and technology industry

Core Values

Consensus, cooperate, co-create, share

◎ Employees article 
Consensus-All employees have a common ideal, and agree on the policy formulated to realize that ideal.
Cooperate- Maintain good personal communication, consentaneous behavior, harmony emotions.
Co-create- Everyone is innovation-oriented, make concerted effort, devoted to exploration and development of new directions, offer our customers with unique value
Share- Pursue both material and mental happiness of all employees

◎ Business enterprise article
Consensus- Consensus have common aim with partners and have common consensus of strategic cooperation plan drawn up for fulfilling that aim.
Cooperate—carry out the long term cooperation with partners in a broader sense, keep strategy alignment, develop in harmony.
Co-create—cooperate with partners and dedicated to the research and development of new technology, new product and new market, and pursue continuous improvement for both.     
Share—share the achievements with partners to achieve win-win result 

◎ Social article 
Consensus-Insist on sincere and trusty business philosophy socially approved.
Co-operate- Maintain harmonious development together with the society.
Co-create- Devoted to develop new technology, and promote social progress.
Share- Realize enterprise vision and requite the society.

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