The enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise, is the power to promote the development of the enterprise continuously. It contains a very rich content. Its core is the spirit and values of the enterprise. It is in the Newings development process gradually formed cultural system.


Newings culture takes the concept innovation as the forerunner, the strategic innovation as the direction, the organization innovation as the guarantee, the technical innovation as the means and the market innovation as goals, with Newings from scratch to big, from big to strong, from China to world, Newings culture itself is in constant innovation and development. Employees' common recognition, active participation is the biggest characteristic of Newings culture. Each Newings staff will fully realize their personal value and pursuit in the realization of the Newings world famous brand.


Enterprise mission:  offer high quality products and excellent service

Enterprise spirit:  down-to-earth, unceasingly to get on new step.

Management policy:  to establish enterprise cornerstone with talents, to promote enterprise development with science and technology, create customer satisfied products value chain.

Team consciousness:  integration of available resources to form a cohesive force, to achieve more brilliance.

Quality policy:  pursue perfection, to build world famous brand.