Our factory has an excellent and stable production supply chain, each supplier have experienced a strict auditing by Newings and have cooperated with us for several years. Newings have a strict incoming quality control system to guarantee the material’s quality. As a top manufacture of mobile phone and mobile accessories, we established a complete team at factory including technique engineers, purchasers, IQC, PMC, warehouse management staff, shipping coordinator, etc. Advanced management experiences, full equipped automatic production machines and reasonable staff allocation not only reduces production cost, improves delivery time and saves purchasing cost for customer, but also controls every step of production and make sure efficient and stable in production.

Independent in-house testing laboratory, which can do some common test such as drop test, salt spray test, vibration test, shaking simulation test, insertion and withdrawal test, vertical flame test, horizontal flametest,high/low temperature test.
Full-automatic aging tester room instead of traditional manual operation to boost productivity.
Spacious compatibility test laboratory room for audio & mobile accessory product line.

Regular machine calibration and maintenance to ensure factory operation normally.
Experienced PMC team to ensure incoming materials control and production well-balanced.
Strict Quality Management System (Have passed ISO9001).
Conform to international standardization Environment Management System.
Conform to Business Social Compliance Initiative standard.