Please pay attention to the fruit powder! High-quality mobile phone accessories large delivery

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This is a dedicated ipone6 charge treasure. This is no different, just forcing the general charge a little thin, light, it is nothing different just change the traditional concept of the previous data lines, using direct data, no chin. Unique appearance is easy to think that this is just a phone shell. Innovation is everywhere. The use of energy-saving safety batteries, Apple once a day to protect the protection of electricity, fast charge. Will Apple's beauty and charge treasure together. As a fruit powder, how can not love it?
Have you seen a snake? It is the appearance of the color gradient, this feeling is not only make people in the breezy but also surprising. Now move this gradient to the phone shell, which will not be another magic. Based on the appearance of Apple cool, coupled with the gradient color set off, how can the fruit powder, how can not shine in the end it?
Kidney in exchange for the apple can not cherish it? The broken heart of the screen feel the hearts of all fruit powder have experienced. So, to the beloved apple paste a layer of quality of the steel film is absolutely not sloppy. Anti-Blu-ray high-definition protective film full screen, all aspects of protection of mobile phone screen, security index doubled. With the thought of the screen after the broken repair 1000 cruel, it is better to buy a good tempered film.