RS815 4G SmartPhone

Dual-SIM Unlocked GSM Cell Phone, VGA-Camera with Color Screen and High-intensity Curved TP Glass, SIM-Free GSM Quad-Bands Worldwide Cell Phone with Bluetooth and MicroSD Card Slot
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Product Details

Product specification:

Operating system: Android 11


Running memory: 64GB + 4GB

Extended storage: 128GB

Rear camera: 13m / AF

Front camera: 5m / FF

Sensors: support

Cellular network: 4G all Netcom

GNSS: Integrated GPS, Beidou, AGPs support

NFC: support, transmission frequency: 13.56MHz

Keys: 1 power key, 1 volume key, 1 intercom key and 1 multifunction key

Card slot: SIM card slot / Tsam card slot / micro SD card slot

Charging / headset interface: type-C interface

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Body size / weight: 152.2 * 73.7 * 18.4mm/294g