P300C Body Worn Camera with 8GB Memory

The body camera includes a number of the latest audio and video processing technology, full-featured, reliable performance, can be widely used in public, prosecutors, the armed police and other law enforcement departments. The device can be timely record the scene, collect evidence, standardize the law enforcement behavior, reproduce the scene picture to ensure the accuracy and impartiality of law enforcement. Perfect for police officers, security guards and other professionals.
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Hardware platform: QCS 1110
Dimension85*46.9*21.15mm ( thickness with back splint  26mm) 
Weight: 160g
Network system: CDMA2000, 800MHz
Antenna: Built-in      External   GPS/Compass Ceramic antenna+RF master antenna
Keypad:  Power key、volume key/flashlight key、channel selection key、push-to-talk key
External interface:  USB, USB 2.0 
Memory: 128Gb + 32Gb
Alarm flash: supportive
G - sensor: supportive
Push-to-talk: supportive
GPS positioning: supportive
Compass positioning: supportive

Battery:2400mAh Polymer battery

Charger:Micro USB interface, 5V 1A

Cable:Micro USB

Earphone:Micro USB interface