X300 Police Body Worn Camera

The HD body camera adapt advanced MSM8953 chip, with the ability to record in crystal clear HD video,this camera's wide angle view will record every detail.One-key can quickly check the recorded audio and video data admission.
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Hardware platform: sc9863a

Operating system: Android

Network type / band: "GSM: B3 / B8


LTE-TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41

LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8 "

Memory: 2GB + 32GB

TF Card: support

Display screen: 2.0 inches

Touch screen: G + F

Law Enforcement Camera: 4mp FF, ov4689 (IR-cut)

Flash: support

Red and blue warning lights: one red and one blue

Infrared lamp: support 2

Laser positioning lamp: support 1

Signal indicator: "one red, yellow and green light"

IR-cut: support

GPS & BD: support

Bluetooth: support

Light sense: support

Hall: Yes

WiFi: support

OTG: support (support external camera)

Voice intercom: support public network intercom

Horn: 2535

Mic: support (double MIC)

Motor: 1 column motor

Battery: 2400mAh (low temperature battery, built-in removable)

Backup battery: 50mah (built-in non removable)

Video size: FHD (full high definition): 1920x1080 (30fps)

Hd (high definition): 1280x720 (30fps)

VGA (SD): 640x480 (30fps)

D1:720 x480(30fps)

Image compression format: h.265 codec

Video format: mp4

Recording format: AAC

Light sensor: support

SIM card holder: single nano SIM card

USB card holder: Micro USB

TF Card Holder: support

Earphone: 3.5 earphone holder

On / off button: long press on / off, short press on standby / wake up

Video key: long press to start recording, then long press to end recording

Photo key: long press the key to take photos, and then long press to exit

Recording key: long press to start recording, then long press to end recording

Intercom key: long press PTT key to talk back and release sending

Laser positioning key / volume +: long press the laser positioning light on, then long press off, and short press to adjust the volume

Key mark / volume: after the law enforcement camera is started, long press to mark the key of the video and short press to adjust the volume

Emergency alarm key: long press SOS to alarm

Main antenna: support

Diversity antenna: support

Function antenna: Beidou / GPS / BT, WiFi

Safety regulation: contact ± 6kV, air ± 8Kv

Protection grade: IP68, falling 2m

Charging time: 1.5h

Working hours: can support the law enforcement recorder for 5 hours;

Size: 94.7 * 62.6 * 27.5mm

Color: Black

Weight (whole machine): 180g (excluding peripherals)